The Mixed Arts Festival: a true meeting between Aboriginals  and non-Aboriginals

by Luc Archambault

In the heart of Old Montreal, the 6th edition of the Mixed Arts Festival organized by Sacred Fire Productions is held once again. More than 50 Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal artists are gathering in the "circle of change". Thus, all cultures will come together to exchange in the spirit of renewal through a pooling of knowledge of their teachings and their contemporary and traditional cultures. In addition to fostering the development of inclusive societies and highlighting the teachings and values ​​of Aboriginal communities, the Mixed Arts Festival also aims to promote Aboriginal culture. As well, the event aims to position indigenous voices at the heart of the conversation and perhaps rewrite history so that its narrative fits into a contemporary context.

The 6thEdition is built around three spaces: the Ephemeral Gallery, the Ashukan Cultural Space and a Cultural Exchange Stage by Place Jacques Cartier in Old Montreal. The Ephemeral Gallery is dedicated to exhibitions and collective creations, the Ashukan Cultural Space is a gathering place for arts Exhibitions and will also serve as a literary space (stories and meetings) and the Cultural Exchange Stage will be the place where visitors can attend concerts, dance classes and Inuit throat singing

© Rendez-vous des Arts Métissés

This last day starts with the return of Abenaki artist Nicole Obomsawin with W8benaki stories alongside the event “Talking  Stick “ , hosted by sculptor Tahatie Montour and visual artist Angel Horn. In addition to the return of Montee Sinquah (Hopi/Tewa/Choctaw) and Inuit Throatsinger Nina Segalowitz, the 6th edition of the Mixed Art Festival will close with a presentation by Mikw8bait, a traditional dance troupe from Odanak. 

Montee Sinquah/ © Rendez-vous des Arts Métissés

The mission of Sacred Fire Productions is to build bridges between Quebec's Indigenous artists and audiences of all ages from all walks of life. By creating opportunities for Indigenous artists to express themselves, Sacred Fire Productions believes in the revitalization and re-appropriation of Indigenous arts and cultural practices. Through an approach that promotes Indigenization, the organization aims to provide a positive understanding of Inuit, Métis and First Nations cultures.

© Rendez-vous des Arts Métissés

The Mixed Arts Festival perfectly fits in with the goal of building bridges between all cultures. 
 For programming details, visit and the Ashukan Cultural Space Facebook page.

(source: Claire Strunck I Relationniste de presse I ComClaire I I 514- 632-2472)


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