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Fringe St-Ambroise Montréal Festival 2018: my favorite shows 
by Luc Archambault
     This particular edition of the Fringe Festival has had its share of greatness. Themes that ran the gamut, some shows even edged their way in my heart in spite of false preconceptions, and others, sure bets like Kafka's Metamorphosis, byThe Shylock Project, a theater group that captures each year our imagination with their profound and structured investigations on the lives of know artists, while showing us that our knowledge of those they chose to portray is at best fragmentary... wow! What a splendid success! 
Tarot Live!
Photographer: Daniel Miguez De Luca
      AAA Tarot doesn't reinvent the wheel with this performance. A tarologist, Jesse Strong, who draws cards before an audience, whose members accept to play his game. Sounds simple? It isn't. Many amateurs, one could even say bad communicators, would have failed with such a concept. But Jesse sets himself apart with his empathy, his un…

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